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Individual Counseling- Adolescents and Adults

Couples and Family Counseling


If you’re a teen, or a parent of one, you know how tricky this period of life can be. Teens today are dealing with so many pressures and trying to manage the onset of intense emotions.

Common Pressures:
Academic stress
Drugs & alcohol
Body image
Family issues
Common Feelings:
Stressed out
On the outside

The teens Shon work with comment that therapy helps them:
Feel understood
Voice their opinions
Be assertive
Develop coping skills
Set boundaries
Gain Self-esteem

Being in therapy helps teens begin to understand why they feel the way they do and how to manage the intense emotions that arise during these years. Because adolescence is a time to learn how to become independent in preparation for adulthood, teens can expect a high level of confidentiality in their sessions. Shon is very careful to respect this privacy when keeping parents apprised of their child’s progress.

Shon believe it is often helpful to look at what’s going on as a family affair, where everyone involved can benefit from addressing what they bring to the table. Singling the teen out as the “problem” is often an obstacle to healing. Shon encourage family members to be open to exploring their own issues. If the client is comfortable with it, this may include family sessions from time to time, or if it is more appropriate, family therapy with a separate therapist may be recommended.


Individual therapy is a process of self-exploration, which leads to a clearer, more authentic, and accepting experience of yourself and others. If you are reading this, it probably means there is some area in your life where you are confused, stuck, or troubled. Talking with a therapist is often a key to moving forward in life. It is at times a gentle, supporting process and at other times challenging. This combination of support and pushing yourself emotionally leads to greater self-awareness  and can bring about a sense of connection, freedom, wholeness, and wellness within you.


Would you like to communicate more effectively without hurting your partner and without sabotaging yourself? At any stage of a relationship, couples therapy can help partners understand and respect each other better and stop reacting and making assumptions about each other.  For lasting change, couples learn how they are repeating behaviors and dynamics from their families of origin. You don’t have to wait until your marriage is falling apart. Premarital counseling can help you figure out what’s right for you and you can begin to build the relationship you’ve always wanted!

Amicable Divorce/Conflict Resolution
Shon believe firmly that healthy divorce is possible. She can help you negotiate this very sensitive time in your life. If you have children, this is of the utmost importance. Your marriage may end, but you will be tied together through your children, and they need you to be able to get along. Learning to have a respectful parenting relationship is the most significant gift you can give yourself and your kids during this difficult time. There is a solution if both parents are willing.


Family therapy is an effective way to strengthen the bond between family members and resolve conflict. It also allows you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself in the context of your family. Family therapy is a movement away from seeing the problem as belonging to one person toward viewing the issues through the lens of the entire family system. Often in families, one or more members feel like the victim of another family member’s mistreatment. It is important that all voices be heard and that all negative behaviors and family dynamics be challenged to change. Overall, with the caring and supportive guidance of the therapist, family members can begin to explore problems, identify unmet needs, talk about feelings, be assertive, provide and receive support, and handle conflicts effectively.

In certain circumstances, issues of betrayal are primary and may require that one or more family members receive individual therapy to provide a safe environment for emotional healing. This may be recommended in place of or before family therapy begins. In the case of high conflict in the home, family therapy may not be recommended if the safety of any one person is at risk.

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

The law protects the relationship between a client and a psychotherapist, and information cannot be disclosed without written permission.

Exceptions include:
•    Suspected child abuse or dependant adult or elder abuse, for which I am required by law to report this to the appropriate authorities immediately.
•    If a patient is threatening serious bodily harm to another person/s, I must notify the police and inform the intended victim.
•    If a patient intends to harm himself or herself, I will make every effort to enlist their cooperation in ensuring their safety. If they do not cooperate, I will take further measures without their permission that are provided to me by law in order to ensure their safety.